Sensors Our platform is compliant with most of the proximity based protocols. We continuously certify our platform to be compliant with new additions in the stack of protocols in the proximity industry. We are proud contributors for the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable and sense every physical business object. We currently support sensors certified by iBeacon, URIBeacon, NFC, GPS

Assets: One of the major features of our platform is to build pages for every physical object (Asset) and assign it to a sensor/beacon. We provide the ability to build digital assets using our info graphic editor. Asset’s rich content information, image, audio, video and respective campaigns can be built using our easy to use content editor.


Campaigns Easily manage the content that is specifically designed for each customer using proximity, segmentation, geo tagging/fencing and profiling.

  • Location campaign to online campaign : Our platform Integrates and extends your location specific marketing & loyalty based campaigns to email and social.


Insight & Proximity Analytics

  • User Analytics: Our platform captures the complete profile of the user/visitor and their interactions while respecting their privacy.
  • Location Analytics: Our platform deploys various sensors based on the customer need and the type of business. These sensors range from iBeacon, UriBeacon, Placedge, NFC, A-GPS, custom sensors etc. The platform continuously captures data from these sensors and users/visitors interactions.

Behavioral Analytics

  • Our platform lets businesses analyze the customer interaction data to understand customer behavior


  • Usage reports
  • Assignment statistics
  • Audit

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