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ThinkProxi Dealerships


ThinkProxi can be a dealership’s individualized marketing platform and virtual agent. The agent-less platform reaches prospects both inside the showroom or outside on the lot, giving the buyer pricing power with extensive options for an enhanced buying experience. Customers can digitally experience the automobile and then request dealer assistance. Buyer-responsive sales lead to customized marketing, long-term loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

ThinkProxi for Dealership

  • A user-friendly content management system that can be customized to new and used-car dealerships, putting the initial buying experience in the hands of the customer while giving the dealership in-depth information for potential sales.
  • An easily-accessible dashboard to manage beacons, run reports on social media, and retrieve buyer information so the dealership can focus on strong leads
  • Real-time data on buyers so dealers can take action on leads, assign leads to a salesperson, and get notifications as customers set test drives, negotiations, and financing appointments
  • Marketing analytics that lead to more than just immediate sales, including driving buyer traffic, keeping customers’ interest, and building long-term relationships
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ThinkProxi for Buyers

  • A user-friendly application with specific interactive content when buyers are in proximity of the vehicle
  • Real-time rich content of video, audio, pictures, and text on a particular vehicle based on customers’ location and behavior.
  • Welcome and exit messages and individualized sales marketing with valuable information that customers can like, comment, favorite, and share
  • The ability to set up appointments to test drive, consider financing options, and make an offer directly from the vehicle

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