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ThinkProxi for realty is a proximity sensor and smart phone-based platform that works as an immediately available virtual agent. The agent-less platform connects to prospects before, after, and during their visit, giving the buyer knowledge and details for an enhanced buying/renting experience. Real estate agencies and individual agents can use this real-time buyer-responsive technology to customize their marketing, leading to long-term loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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ThinkProxi for Agents

  • An easy-to-use content management system to oversee listing information as well as associated promotions and notifications
  • Ability to integrate property information from third-party data feeds, such as MLS and others
  • A user-friendly dashboard to manage beacons, deliver campaigns, and run reports on buyer behavior, including the number of social likes, comments, or favorites for each property
  • Capability hold an interactive, agent-less open house as well as access activity on a property in real time to qualify and contact leads based on interaction and behavior with a property.
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ThinkProxi for Buyers

  • Real-time, rich content, such as text, video, audio, pictures, and text when buyers are in proximity to a property
  • Welcome and exit messages and individualized sales marketing with relevant information that customers can like, comment, favorite, and share
  • The ability to set up appointments to meet agent, consider financing options, and make an offer directly from the site
  • A user-friendly dashboard where buyers can share their experience via email and social media
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