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ThinkProxi is a mobile marketing channel that enables retailers to connect with customers at the right time and location. The sophisticated application of ThinkProxi integrated technology allows retailers to track behavior as well as numbers, instantly driving traffic and promoting offers. Shoppers can engage digitally with micro-locations in the retail outlet for an enriched, individualized experience. These interactions between shoppers and retailers expand business and lead to repeat visits and more spending per customer.

ThinkProxi For Retailers

  • An easy-to-use content management system that directs promotional offers, product information, and real-time, content rich data to shoppers based on customer behaviors and interactions
  • A user-friendly dashboard to manage beacons, run social media reports, promotional offers, and track on-site behavior in the retail outlet
  • Real-time notifications as shoppers interact with products so retailer can assign a floor salesperson based on analysis of customer behavior
  • Immediate results that lead to more than just sales, including driving pedestrian traffic, keeping employees and shoppers safe, and building long-term relationships and loyalty
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ThinkProxi for Shoppers

  • Real-time, rich content, such as text, videos, audio, pictures, and custom offers based on the store heat map and customer behavior
  • Welcome and exit messages and individualized sales marketing with relevant information that customers can like, comment, favorite, and share
  • A user-friendly dashboard where shoppers can share their experiences via email and social media
  • Individualized interactions, such as on-the-spot coupons or promotions in real time, based on personal preferences and behavior

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