John Doyle

The easy-to-use platform that ThinkProxi provides give us real-time, actionable analytics on visitor behavior and allows us to push information directly into the hands of our visitors, live, on-site. we have experienced an over 88% adoption rate from our visitors and are very happy with the outcome of integrating this technology into our total museum experience. Additionally, the platform allows visitors to share and comment on their experience through social media channels all within the app and platform.

John Doyle -Executive Director

Working with ThinkProxi over the last two years to create our ambitious digital exhibit system at Ybor City Museum State Park has been fantastic. We have been lucky enough to work directly with Billy Sprauge for the entirety of the project. At every step of the process I have found a tremendous amount of personal buy in from him to ensure our project is a success. From planning and early development, to working with us as we secured funding and needed to change time tables, Billy and ThinkProxi have worked with us to ensure we will deliver an exemplary experience to our visitors. I hope to continue our partnership in the future to bring similar projects to fruition.

Joseph Brazelton -Park Service Specialist

We were extremely satisfied with how user-friendly the ThinkProxi technology was for our attendees, Some of the features the app provided like Custom Agendas, Automated Electronic Session Surveys, Sponsorship, Exhibitor Profiles, Attendee Connect, Beacon Connectivity etc. met and exceeded all expectations.

ThinkProxi was engaged with our team from start to finish, and down to the final detail.
They were able to provide key insight and experience regarding the app layout, design, and features.

ThinkProxi is undoubtedly invited to our future conferences to provide this exciting technology. If you have the opportunity to work with ThinkProxi, you absolutely should take advantage of their services.

Malinda J. Horton -Executive Director
Monica Rhodes

We very much enjoyed the application and its unique features as we were easily able to keep our
attendees informed with real-time updates via scheduled push notifications. With over a 50% adoption
rate, we received high praise and well received interaction from attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and
members of the local host committee

Monica Rhodes -President/CEO