Why Choose Thinkproxi?

  • Easy, self-manageable content platform with built-in, real-time visitor analytics. Individualized proximity technology provides actionable insights on demographics, visitor habits, and interactions while visiting on-site.
  • Uniquely personalized, interactive experience. Use beacon technology to foster relationships, build loyalty, and boost memberships. Growing and maintaining a strong membership base is crucial to the success of museums.
  • Enhanced social media exposure opportunities with relevant information that visitors can like, comment, favorite, and share.
  • Increased accessibility for audiences with special needs. Expand an exhibit’s user experience to include hearing and vision impaired patrons.
  • Immediate results. Proximity initiatives drive pedestrian traffic, increase ticket sales, and increase spending per visitor. Customize offers, coupons, and individualized sales messaging based on localized behavior.
  • Digital, interactive experiences with visitors. Rich content including video, audio, pictures, and text on an exhibit, outlet, or destination as visitors approach a location within an attraction.