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Proximity Content Management

Cloud-based proximity content management redefines the way you interact with your customers. Using various types of proximity sensors (Beacons, NFC, GPS, etc.), you can design immediate customer-specific campaigns and notifications.

Customer Behavior Analytics

Our analytics track real-time customer behavior within proximity of your property. This data allows you to implement individualized, intelligent marketing to meet your customers' needs.

Campaigns and Notifications

Your customized, mobile app communicates with sensor-enabled properties to record interactive behavior and virtual and physical behavior of your customers. These immediate reports enable you to deliver customized campaigns and personalized notifications to your customers’ mobile phones.

Proximity Sensors

Our interactive platform works with industry-certified proximity specifications, such as iBeacon, UriBeacon, Placedge, NFC etc. We partner with hardware vendors who supply proximity-certified sensors to give you state-of-the-art technology.

Social Branding

With built-in branding features for businesses of all types, our platform allows your customers to interact with familiar social media features such as, “share,” “comment,” and “like” which enable you to reach your growing marketing needs and goals.

Custom Mobile App

Our mobile apps can be white labeled for company-specific branding. With our interactive technology, you can offer a full range of multimedia options for effective brand equity.

our Testimonials
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The easy-to-use platform that ThinkProxi provides give us real-time, actionable analytics on visitor behavior and allows us to push information directly into the hands of our visitors, live, on-site. we have experienced an over 88% adoption rate from our visitors...

John Doyle

John Doyle Executive Director

Working with ThinkProxi over the last two years to create our ambitious digital exhibit system at Ybor City Museum State Park has been fantastic. We have been lucky enough to work directly with Billy Sprauge for the entirety of the...

Joseph Brazelton Park Service Specialist

We were extremely satisfied with how user-friendly the ThinkProxi technology was for our attendees, Some of the features the app provided like Custom Agendas, Automated Electronic Session Surveys, Sponsorship, Exhibitor Profiles, Attendee Connect, Beacon Connectivity etc. met and exceeded all...

Malinda J. Horton Executive Director

We very much enjoyed the application and its unique features as we were easily able to keep our attendees informed with real-time updates via scheduled push notifications. With over a 50% adoption rate, we received high praise and well received...

Monica Rhodes

Monica Rhodes President/CEO

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About ThinkProxi

ThinkProxi is an easily adaptable platform that enables businesses to interact with their customers by combining the latest technology with geographic landscapes. Proximity is the core of our business and future of the physical web.

Our network solutions and integrated framework enable businesses to gain predictive insights into consumer behavior, resulting in immediate service and offerings based on customers’ real-time needs.

Sridhar Sunkara

Sridhar Sunkara


Sanjeev Bora 1

Sanjeev Bora


Daphne T. Large

Daphne T. Large

Chairman of the Board

Julie Wink

Julie Wink

Executive Vice President

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