Android’s Nearby Notifications Got Terminated by Google


Android’s Nearby Notifications Got Terminated by Google

Not all good ideas function well in the real world. That seems to be what happened to Nearby Notifications, which was meant to be a way to reach Android users with content such as promotions, Wi-Fi hotspots, and other information that was tied into where the user was currently located.

Created by Google, Nearby Notifications used Bluetooth and GPS to communicate these messages to Android users. Marketers jumped into the mix, and that’s where the intentions went awry. Users started getting bombarded with too many messages that were irrelevant to them. Obviously, this increased frustrations and diminished the overall experience of using Nearby Notifications. What was supposed to be a helpful and informative channel for consumers turned into high quantities of useless spam.

Google announced in the latter part of 2018 they had attempted to filter and tweak Nearby Notifications so it would function as originally intended but was unsuccessful in addressing the spam issue to their satisfaction. On December 6, 2018, they shut the program down.

While this attempt at proximity marketing wasn’t viable for the long term, the broad concept is more prevalent than ever before. People continue to prefer ads tailored to their specific interests, and what better way to reach consumers than on the smart devices they have with them constantly?

Other uses of proximity marketing employ beacon technology. Beacons are small devices that function on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and work with an organization’s branded app to create a variety of tailored, relevant messages. This type of proximity marketing avoids the spammy feel of Nearby Notifications by filtering unique messaging to consumers to create a better customer experience. In addition, the information sharer can gather data on their targets about their behaviors and preferences that helps them create an even more personalized user experience. Used correctly, beacon technology and proximity marketing is a win-win.

ThinkProxi is relieved that Google made the decision to sunset Nearby Notifications. Billy Sprague, ThinkProxi’s Director of Sales and Strategic Management recently shared the company’s opinion.
“ThinkProxi could not be happier with the decision made by Google to discontinue the Nearby notifications. We have felt for years this style of proximity marketing was intrusive and unwanted by our audience. ThinkProxi works hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure all proximity marketing is advantageous and a desired experience by the mobile device users.”

It’s important to not let one setback derail marketing’s progress. Let’s say goodbye to Nearby Notifications, but still, keep proximity marketing, and beacon technology, on the table as part of our future initiatives.

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